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Canadian Art Trek- Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan

April 20, 2013

Days 8-10: Grasslands National Park

I finally reached my destination of Grasslands National Park on the 8th day of my trek.  The 70 Mile Butte was quite a site to behold after miles of flat prairie farmland. Tumbleweeds blew across the road on my way into the tiny village of Val Marie. The first thing you notice about the grasslands is the fact that it is so peaceful, you hardly hear any human activity and the sounds of nature take center stage. This seemingly barren landscape is teeming with wildlife.

  I drove the 80km Ecotour, a self guided driving tour through the west end of the park. This allowed me to view the French River Valley, historic homesteads and indigenous animals. Some of the wildlife seen were sage grouse, deer, antelope, black-tailed prairie dog and a herd of plains bison. Two artworks were built today. The first was constructed on the side of a large grassy hill overlooking the French river. It is made from wire mesh forms wrapped with yarn and combined with a tumbleweed.Image The second artwork is a yarn web installed in a dry river bed inside of a dead tree. The riverbed was lined with soft grasses and was a bedding area for deer. One thing is for certain, this was an unforgettable experience and I wished I could stay longer. I plan a return visit in the future. Tomorrow I begin the long drive back to Ontario.


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